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Teeter is a first person 3D puzzle game where the objective is to find crystals and bring them back to the main room where the player must then figure out how to balance them on a 12-way teeter-totter.

Install: Download teeter.zip (version 2007 oct 31), unzip the file, go into the newly created directory, and run the .exe file to play the game.

System Requirements: Teeter was compiled against the latest version of DirectX. So if running the program complains about a missing dll such as d3dx9_34.dll then you just have to update your computer. Please go to www.microsoft.com/directx to get the latest version for your system - this is either the most recent directx 9 for XP users or update to directx 10 for Vista users. Your video card must be capable of d3d9 level graphics. Although the rendering uses shaders designed for newer video cards, older systems should be able to handle the program since the current art is rather modest (number of lights, geometric complexity, special effects) and, by default, the program starts in a window. Hit ALT-ENTER to go into full screen if your system can handle it.

How to play: To play Teeter, you navigate around the game level using the mouse to decide where to look and WASD or arrow keys to move (standard mouselook interface). The left mouse button lets you do any action that you need to do whether that be pick up and carry a crystal, move other objects, or dig. Additionally, you may find it useful to use the mousewheel to hold the crystals closer or further away from you when trying to place them on the teeter-totter. The spacebar can be used to jump - not a requirement for this game. The ESC key will exit. If you get stuck or experience any problems, feel free to contact stan at melax dot com or call 403-375-0755 (at a reasonable time of day please) for help.

Balance Puzzle: In this game you start by finding 2 crystals, getting them balanced, and then you are able to go find the third crystal. Then you bring it back and balance all 3 of them. Then get the 4th crystal, and so on. The 12-way teeter totter can be balanced using fewer than 12 crystals. If you get stuck at 5, then dont give up - there is an answer. In fact there are solutions using any number between 2 and 10. Note that it cant be done with just 1 or with 11, which is why the puzzle aspect of the game starts at 2. The HUD in the upper right corner shows a top down view of the balance so you can easily see the current layout.

Arcade Fun: Finding the crystals involves exploring a 3D environment with some dynamics and geomod features to provide additional fun. So just because Teeter is one of those brain games designed to permanently raise your IQ by 30 points, please try it anyway.

Project Status: This all started with the initial game plan that was outlined back in July 2007. The engine tech and guts of the game are up and running. Admittedly, some more finishing touches would help. The game currently features some very fine "programmer art" and is now ready for some professional polish to replace the overused public domain textures and make things less "boxy". Also, more sound has to be added as well as more HUD displays to replace text hints. Title splash screen etc.. Any sponsor, advertiser, or publisher would be most welcome. :-) Note that the game is currently "style agnostic" and could easily be adapted to support another franchise or IP. Besides Teeter, we've got a series of game ideas that would be fun to to implement.


Stan Melax - 2007 October 18

email: stan at melax dot com.